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Japanese Mochi Making

Mochi is a delicious food made from rice. Making mochi is an old fashioned Japanese traditional that can be a rewarding community activity. People of all ages can participate in the process.

This old fashioned traditional is an annual event for members of the Konko Church. The mochi serves as a reminder that spiritual growth requires nourishment. The mochi symbolizes nourishment through prayer and spiritual faith. Everyone who shares in this community activity will enjoy eating Mochi on New Year's Day.

Here's how mochi was made before the advent of the industrial revolution.

After the special Mochi Rice has been soaked in water over night, it is steamed. Here wooden boxes with removal bamboo on the bottom are placed on pans of boiling water. The boxes are rotated when the rice in the bottom box has completed cooking.

After the special Mochi Rice has completed cooking, it is poured from the boxes used for steaming into a large wooden or stone

Japanese Mochi - Japan Photo

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