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Japan Music Reviews

Namie AmuroOverview of Namie Amuro's flight to stardom. Namie Amuro is the most well known Japanese Pop singer of the 1990's


Tomoe Shinohara - Japanese Music Flash Review
Tomoe Shinohara

Buffalo DaughterOverview of the music of Buffalo Daughter and their rise from the Shibuya-Kei music scene.
Cibo Matto Read a two page history of the formation of the band Cibo Matto. Then find out about their 1999 album release of Stereotype A
CorneliusFind out about Cornelius and his multimedia musical exploration.
Japan Resources and Information
Overview of visting Hot Springs in Japan.

Kyoko DateRead about the rise and fall of Japan's most popular Virtual Idol. Learn about the ideas behind her creation and her 15 minutes of fame.



Who is Mariko Mori?
Site on www.DAMOON.net created for Snowsports at www.DEAD.net. These articles about snowboarding and skiing in Japan were written at the time of 1998 Olympics in Nagano.


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