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W. Dire Wolff - Blind Man's Stick - New Day Coming - A little cabin up in some remote mountain range.   A soldier comes limping home from distant wars.   Up in the hills in that time, there was no radio, newspapers, television, or internet to shape someone's ideas and politics.  And perhaps one can only wonder if, over the years, the good intentions of many a brave person, have been taken advantage of by greedy, power hungry politicians.   Blind Man's Stick is a folk rock ballad that paints this picture with a musical brush. The song features Mario Cipollina on bass guitar, and Ed Michaels plays drums. 

Neil Young's "Living with War" list of protest songs includes W. Dire Wolff's song, "Blind Man's Stick".  Number 29 the Week of September 13, 2010. The song entered the top 40 at 39, the week of December 22, 2008. The song broke into the top 100 at Number 89, the week of June 30, 2008.  Click Here for Blind Man's Stick Page

The other song on this CD is a Rock n' Roll tune titled "New Day Coming".   The song features some great lead guitar work by Neal Carson.  It has great playing duel lead with Neal and Wolff, people that listen to this, will want to find out more about this great  upcoming guitar player.  Mario Cipollina plays bass, sings background vocals, and produced my lead vocal on this track.  Ed Michaels plays drums. 

Blind Man's Stick
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New Day Coming 
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W. Dire Wolff
Blind Man's Stick and
New Day Coming

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