Old Gravel Roads - EP

  • "Old Gravel Roads - EP" - W. Dire Wolff
    Dec. 7, 2016 Digital Album release on CD Baby.

    Remastered and outtakes of the folk/rock "Far Eastern Psychedelic Spaghetti Western" musical experience, "Princess of the Rodeo". W. Dire Wolff made the album, "Princess of the Rodeo", with some well known Marin and Sonoma County musicians. These songs were written in Buffalo's Bill's hotel suite during a week stay in Cody, Wyoming. "Old Gravel Roads" was the last of the 12 songs written during that week. It is a reflection on the changes of culture in America's rural Western states.

    • Old Gravel Roads
      a. Written in Cody, Wyoming
      b. A folk song about the paving of America's roadways, and a reflection on the changes of the world around them.

      Pretty Nice Girl (part two)
      a. Written in Cody, Wyoming
      b. Western Ballad about a bar room gunfight on a Saturday Night
      c. The song sounds like it was performed by a small band of musical cowboys.
      d. The exciting conclusion to part one of the song from the album "Princess of the Rodeo"

      Whisper in the Wind
      a. Written in Cody, Wyoming
      b. A quiet poetic word garden about a magic world in a mysterious mountain forest.
      c. This is a folk song with finger style sounding acoustic guitars, accompanying a romantic folk vocal.

      All Songs Copyright © 2004 William Dire Wolff

    • W. Dire Wolff - Vocals, guitars, bass, steel guitar

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