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Living with War - Neil Young's List of anti-War songs includes "Blind Man's Stick"

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Radio KRSH in Sonoma County, California
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KOWS Radio 92.5 FM in Occidental, California
WESU 88.1 FM - Wesleyan Univ. - Middletown,Connecticut
WACC Radio - Mays Landing, New Jersey
The Independent Music Show - Ireland
KKFI 90.1 FM - Kansas City, MO
Radio Arcadia - Toronoto Canada
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Sound Machine Country!

CairnsFM89.1 - Austrailia
ZuidWest FM Radio in the Netherlands
NBRN Radio FM in Nashville Area
KNND Radio AM 1400 in Cottage Grove, Oregon
KAPB 97.7 FM, Marksville, LA
Hound Dog Radio - Savannah, Georgia
Dapper-FM - Acoustic Routes - United Kingdom
Front Range Radio -

KKFI 90.1 FM - Kansas City, MO -

WESU 88.1 FM - Wesleyan Univ. - Middletown,Connecticut -
The International Music Hour with Eloise

WACC Radio - Mays Landing, New Jersey -

Country Start Page - Thanks for the listing.
Middle Tennessee Music - Music Reviews, Podcasts. etc
Bottom line recordz - Savannah, Georgia
ARTIST Direct - Ultimate Band List - W. Dire Wolff - Featured Country Artist week of January 12th, 2007
Virtual Radio Show
- Thanks for selecting the song "New Day Coming" for your use in their radio show - asked me to create a video for my song, "New Day Coming".
You can check out the video I made on youTube - click Here

Guitar reference charts for chords and scales
Main Web Site for W. Dire Wolff -
Envision the Planet's Survival - - Network Domain for W. Dire Wolff special projects

Links for Friends and Family

Mario Cipollina Website - Mario Cipollina Website
Kurt Huget's Moonlight Rodeo Website - Well rounded musician and friend of the family. 
Ed Michael's Website - Drummer with many other bands and sessions.
John Cipollina Memorial Website - W. Dire Wolff has helped with the John Cipollina Website and DVD Project. (Zack Dragon and Pablo Diablo's Site)

Mademoiselle Marquee - Mademoiselle Marquee - Avant-Garde Artist from Glasgow in Scotland
Cat On The Moon Productions - Mademoiselle Marquee's Record Label and Production Company

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