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Petaluma Coffee Cafe
189 H Street - Petaluma, California
On the Corner of H Street and 2nd Street

Photo by Tony Tugwell

Petaluma Coffee Cafe

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My friend, Ben, owned and ran the Petaluma Coffee Cafe from summer 2000 - spring 2006.  The cafe is closed and will possibly re-open soon with a different management structure.

I started playing my guitar at the Petaluma Coffee Cafe, as soon as Ben became the owner. Usually I started by playing instrumental guitar music. Perhaps best described as folk music, my sets included my own original material along with songs by Bob Dylan, the Grateful Dead, Gram Parsons, Kingston Trio, and whatever came to mind at the time. I was there at the Petaluma Coffee Cafe to provide some music for people as they enjoyed some coffee and pastries, hung out, read, and/or visit with friends.  I played there regularly on Thursday evenings, and then switched to playing Saturday Mornings.  Everyone at the cafe just called me "Buster", for reasons I'd rather not disclose. My final musical appearances at the Coffee Cafe were for a knitting circle, and I had played there over the years for memorial service(s), parties, art showings, and general jam sessions.

Not only did Ben give me a place to play my music, he helped other Artists and Musicians in the local area.  The Petaluma Coffee Cafe was a showcase of artwork provided by the Petaluma Art Council. There was a Folk Music Concert series that usually had a live show on one Saturday night a month. Friday nights the cafe had films provided by local community groups.  In addition the cafe was a hang out and gathering place for the early Burning Man Temple Crews lead by David Best.  Ben created a community space in a nice little coffee nook.  I got to play a lot of music at the Petaluma Coffee Cafe, and make friends with the people that worked there and the people who came there.

W. Dire Wolff

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