Missing Her

By: William Dire Wolff - Copyright PAu003129087 / 2007-06-26 / BMI

Part 1

Couldn’t find a dime’
But I didn’t have the time
There was no place I wanted to be
Things that she said, they still danced in my head
But I still could not see
Can’t remember the words that I heard
Guess she wasn’t talking to me.

Part 2

Still ain’t got no money
Still I’m back again
Seems I take the same road every turn
Seems the golden moments are the ones I always lived
But I’m still missing her.

Part 3

Here I am again, cargo by my side
Standing there alone, in baggage claim
I got that big white phone book, open on my knee
I scan the page, and then I look again
If I only knew her number
I’d call her on the phone.
Cuz I’m still missing her.

Part 4

Guess it’s time to leave, so I’ll be going
And I’ll pretend I got someplace to come home again
And if If she speaks of me, then that’s where I want to be
Cuz I’m still missing her...
Cuz I’m still missing her...
Cuz I’m still missing her...

Copyright © 2007 William Dire Wolff - All Rights Reserved
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