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Pretty Nice Girl - Part Two
Written by: W. Dire Wolff - 10/15/03
Written in Cody, Wyoming
Features Mario Cipollina on Bass
Features Kurt Huget on Mandolin, Banjo, and Piano
Features Phil Richardson on Fiddle

They started laughing at the words that I said
My body got hot, my face it got red,
"A pretty nice girl! There's none in this town."
That's what they told me and fired off some rounds,

Fired off some rounds that somehow went stray
They dropped our trail boss who got in the way,
I pulled my gun, shot the guy with the star
I shot the sheriff right there in the bar,
I killed the sheriff so the judge owns my world
And I'll never find me a pretty nice girl.

A pretty nice girl, where can she be?
My mama said there would be one for me,
A pretty nice girl that I cannot find
Seems I have wasted so much of my time,
A pretty nice girl, nowhere in sight
So me and my partners are hanging tonight.

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