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Whisper in the Wind
Written by: W. Dire Wolff - 10/17/03
Written in Cody, Wyoming

A mighty granite wall called to the wind
And to this land they came
And the mighty sky above rained down with love
And in this land remained.
Whisper in the wind
Never hold this tear
In the land where mighty kingdoms fall
Whisper in the wind
Never hold this in
Or this glory will be not at all.

The children held their hands to the stars above
And down through the canyons came the falls
With mighty branches high from the trees divine
They bowed beneath and saw
Whisper in the wind
Never hold this fear
And from that seed it came
Whisper in the wind
Never let them in
And from that voice the mountain there became.

These are the words
That the rock shall lend
Listen now for their silent walls
These are the words
Where the rivers end
Hidden from the ones that never saw.

This was the place where the clouds rejoice
And from that song was born
For this was the time of the forest deer
And winter seeds were sown
Whisper in the wind
Never hold this near
But let this truth remain
Whisper in the wind
Never will this end
And from that truth they came.

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