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We are NOT making links lately. SORRY.

Here are some suggestions for links to our web sites:

Cyber Beat for Hip Geeks - Cool Photos and Comics by: W. Dire Wolff http://www.wdirewolff.com/

Cool Photos by: W. Dire Wolff http://www.wdirewolff.com/photos.htm
Japan Photo Gallery - Photos from Japan of cool places and people on the street. http://www.wdirewolff.com/japangallery.htm
San Francisco Photo Gallery - Photos from the streets of San Francisco. http://www.wdirewolff.com/SFgallery.htm
On the Week-end - Pictures from the Beach and various locations http://www.wdirewolff.com/photoweek.html
Cool Comics by: W. Dire Wolff http://www.wdirewolff.com/comics.htm
Deadheads in Paradise - Deadheads stranded on a tropical island struggle for survival in this comic adventure. http://www.wdirewolff.com/deadhead.htm
The Reef - "Killer Babe" surfs the ocean reefs while her admirer "Like Dude" fumbles in her foam. http://www.wdirewolff.com/reef.htm
Crazy Comics - Advant Garde sketches for existential tastes. http://www.wdirewolff.com/crazy_comics.htm
Manga - Stabs at my strange cartoon views while learning Japanese. http://www.wdirewolff.com/Manga.htm
Writing by: W. Dire Wolff http://www.wdirewolff.com/writing.htm
Prose - Gonzo Journal Entries
Shockwave Gallery http://www.wdirewolff.com/Shockwave.htm
Shockwave - Flash Movies and Shockwave Games

Cibo Matto Web Site - http://www.damoon.net/CIBO.htm


Rules / Guidelines for Links

Out of respect to the visitors of the network we ask you follow the following guidelines for any links requested from this web site. This is designed as a basic disclaimer:

We ask that you not request links to web sites that contain:
Any material that is or may be considered libelous, defamatory, infringing of any third party's intellectual property rights (including copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret or other proprietary rights or) or violation of any law, statute, ordinance or regulation.' (in particular do not request a link to a site containing (or consisting primarily of links to sites containing) pornographic material.)

That being said, we are open minded to alternative thinking, artistic expression, and adult themes that are presented in a tasteful matter. If your site is questionable let us know, we'll check it out.


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