I met Stevie at Burning Man in 2004. She was an amazing radiant person with a really good attitude. I was very sad to learn that she died in an automobile accident. Somehow she lost control of her vehicle due to a problem with the wind and the trailer she was pulling at the time. I lost a comrade, but it seems I have gained another guardian angel. Stevie, we still owe you a beer and we love you, Dire Wolff.

If I don't see you any more in this world, little girl
I'll see you in the next one
And don't be late
Stevie  - Stephanie M. Vitouladitis
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Stevie  - Stephanie M. Vitouladitis
Stevie  - Stephanie M. VitouladitisFrom Stevie on 09/16/04 @2:44pm
hi everyone!
i am still in the desert but will be departing soon (possibly tomorrow) after i am all packed up and buy an adapter for the parking lights on my new trailer. it is big and wonderful and it was a steal! i plan on wintering in it and fixing it up and selling it for a bunch of money!!

so, i still have not talked to anna (my gypsy boss) about my trip east. i am hoping not to have to stop in kansas to get the jewelry, due to the huge mountains in between here and there and the fact that i'm towing a big heavy thing.

i am going to ask her to ship the jewelry so i can just head south through nevada and then get on 10 east in arizona which will take me all the way to the fair.

the desert is empty and gorgeous and there are only 3 of us still living there. I have been certified to drive everything including the hyster (just this past week). the hyster is a 40,000 pound forklift with the ability to destroy entire cities (i love my job!).

my contract expired yesterday and i am in the office now waiting for my check. i am kinda disappointed that this burn went by so fast, but i got a complimentary burningman calandar that begins now and ends when the burn starts next year. the pictures are incredible.

so i dont have much other news. everything i own is covered in about 6 inches of playa dust. the white outs have been going on every day and night since the 6th. its a lot like being inside a vaccuum that is sucking in a million tons of talcum powder. but i have ocea approved goggles and a giant air filtration mask and i dont mind every meal being covered in playa.

i love you all and will call when i can.

miss stevious