W. Dire Wolff - 12 String Guitar Spirit Music - Acoustic 12 string guitar music composed by W. Dire Wolff for temples built in the desert 2001 - 2004, and played during spiritual quests in the mountains of Tibet, temples of Japan, and the new American Frontier. Features a 25 minute version of the "Spirit Music" that was created to commune with the spirits amid desert sandstorms, remote mountain caves, and ancient burial grounds. This CD also includes 3 segments of the slide guitar piece titled, "La Chitarra". Recorded to capture the feel of the harmonic setting of a live performance, this CD was created to document the music that was played in the temples, in Tibet, and other sacred grounds.

W. Dire Wolff - 12 String Guitar Spirit Music has two songs available as a digital download on the album, "W. Dire Wolff - Best of the First Decade" - Digital Release by CD Baby. The songs "Spirit Music" and "La Chitarra - Due- Interlude" are on the album.

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